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The Dating Blueprint - Individual Hardcover

The Dating Blueprint - Individual Hardcover

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Women don’t feel comfortable telling a man what they wish he knew about dating. He’s expected to know it.

Unfortunately, the only time men receive specific guidelines is when they’re being told what they’re not supposed to do. As a result, very few know what they are supposed to do! What men want is a clear blueprint.

Imagine how much simpler dating would be if women could just speak their minds! Therefore, Jason Evert surveyed more than a thousand women and asked them questions such as:

  • How would you want a man to ask you out?
  • How do you not want to be asked on a date?

This book reveals their surprising answers, plus:

  • How to know if she’s the right one?
  • Where women don’t want to go on a first date?
  • What word they want a man to say when he asks?
  • When, where, and how he should ask?
  • What she hopes the date will include?
  • How a man can save his marriage before he’s married?

Dating doesn’t need to become a relic of the past. It needs to be revived. For this to happen, men need to put down their screens, look a woman in the eye, and ask her on a date. The Dating Blueprint explains how.

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