Made New (Public School Version)

Made New (Public School Version)

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By: Crystalina Evert

Twenty-five lies stand between abuse survivors and the healing they deserve. They often believe:

It was my fault.
I’m fine. Really.
I can’t tell anyone.
I’ll get help later.
I’ll never be healed.
I’ll never trust again.
I’m unlovable.
I can’t forgive.
God abandoned me…

In Made New, Crystalina Evert defuses the power of these lies and others by speaking truth into each of them, showing that no matter what a woman has been through in life, the past doesn’t need to determine her future.

This version of Made New is perfect for use in public schools, and you can buy it in bulk packages of 10 for only $3/ copy if you click here! For a Catholic version of this book, click here.

This book is a pre-order and will be released in February 2019.