Double Feature with Jason Evert 4/27/25 in Powell, OH

Double Feature with Jason Evert 4/27/25 in Powell, OH

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Don't miss the opportunity to hear from renowned speaker Jason Evert, live at St. Joan of Arc in Powell, OH at this special Double Feature event for teens and adults, ages 13+ hosted by St. Peter St. Joan of Arc Parish.

Get answers to life’s tough questions about love, dating, and relationships. This double feature event includes Purified and Gender and the Theology of Your BodyEucharistic Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The combination transforms a couple of talks into a retreat for the family, allowing them to encounter the source of purity, healing, and renewal, Jesus Christ.

The evening also includes free resources for attendees!

April 27, 2025 Event Schedule:
4:30-5:30pm Dinner
5:30-7:00pm Purified
7:00-7:15pm Break
7:15-8:15pm Gender and the Theology of Your Body
8:15-8:45pm Adoration and Confession

Event Location:

St. Joan of Arc
10700 Liberty Road South
Powell, OH 43015

Hosted by St. Peter St. Joan of Arc Parish

About the Talks

Purified brings parents and teens (13+) together to discover God’s plan for love and opens up an opportunity for them to continue the discussion about this important topic at home, in a healthy and easy way with resources that work. The event includes a new version of Jason’s renowned talk Love or Lust, where he mixes humor with down-to-earth practicality that removes any awkwardness, making the difficult conversations about love much easier. Your family will leave with an understanding of the good news of chastity, a healthy sense of self-worth, and the ability, if needed, to start again.

Gender and the Theology of Your Body will follow after a short break. This presentation explores how Catholics can approach the topic of gender with charity and clarity. This talk is for teens and adults and provides the opportunity to discuss this difficult topic facing teens and families today.